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I Really Don't Want Long Hair - Are Extensions Still Right for Me?

A lot of times we think of girls (or guys!) with hair extensions, we picture curls tumbling down to mid-back or even longer, but they are so much more versatile than that. Long, gorgeous hair is so easy to achieve with our 20" or 26" nanos but using 16" hair to get a really great sleek look is also so flattering. With the right extension technician, who has the advanced haircutting training, hair as short as 4" can have an installation!

Many clients also suffer from uneven hair lengths due to medical, hormonal, or self-inflicted hair loss.

Adding 1-2 bundles can even-out the length can offer you a tool for confidence in the in-between stages of your hair growth. Extensions can be a synonym for possibilities with the versatility they offer.

Contact me for your questions and concerns and we'll find the right hair solution!

Peace, love, and hair, Sarah

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