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Sleeping with Extensions

One of the biggest questions I get asked when I am installing on someone for the first time is:

"How do I sleep with them?". Firstly, Nanolinks should not hurt you at all upon installation and while sleeping. Most other forms of permanent extensions will give you a headache and a disrupted sleep for a night or two. Besides just getting used to having something different attached to your head - there should be no discomfort at all. I have a few main tips for my clients for bed time: 1) Never go to bed with hair wet Moisture at the bond will create greater risk for slippage. 2) Wear a loose braid or loose bun to bed Keeping all the cuticles facing one way (down) and limiting natural hair tangle extends time between maintenance periods as well as reduces the risk of dreading. 3) Sleep with your face directly into the pillow

KIDDING. Although, if you are a face sleeper - kudos to you ! That will definitely limit tangling !! 4) Silk pillowcase and/or silk scrunchie

Silk pillowcases are wonderful for limiting hair tangling, as well as reducing skin breakouts/irritation and controlling debris, dust, and dirt from infiltrating that flawless skin and hair! Level Eleven sells silk scrunchies in-store, if you're unsure of which to buy! 5) Brush before bed with the DannyCo extension brush

Brushing consistently with the brush that we promote will really help!

I always tell my clients that it may seem daunting at first, especially if you're a first-time extension girly and that you have just invested a pretty penny - but YOU WILL get used to them. Sooner than later, you will be feeling like they are a part of you, just as your natural hair is. Peace, love, and hair, Sarah

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