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Will salt water damage my hair? How often do I have to wash? Should I wear my hair up in water?

All totally great questions!

Heading to a sunny climate for a getaway is a necessity for all of us Canadians missing that Vitamin D! Having hair extensions is not a negative on that trip! You’re going to have these lovely beach photos with your flowing hair and cute dinner pics with that gorgeous cocktail.

Salt water : salt water is drying for natural hair and extension hair. A preemptive strike for those with and without additional hair is such a great idea. Before heading into the ocean or just a long period of time in the sun - use a leave-in conditioner on your dry hair to hydrate before all that dryness

Pigtails are my cute 'wet-hair' style!

Chlorine : chlorine is also drying but it strips colour moderately and can strip the toner from blondes. A great tip is either keep that hair on a cute bun on the top of your head and try not to submerge OR for those swimmers; after a pool rinse with non-salted water and shampoo with a clarifying shampoo. If your hair looks yellow- minus the time to use a purple shampoo. And ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS condition the mid-shaft to ends!

Hair up or down in water ? Personally, extra hair just creates extra heat on the back of my neck and I love my hair up in a top bun or hat with pony or low bun with a cute head wrap. Water will create tangling but as long as you are aware to finger-comb through your extensions and just be aware not to really rough it up - water will not create some big nest!

Sunshine damage : leave in conditioner and oil treatments at home and always condition after shampooing !!

Even boat-wind is ok! (bring your Dannyco brush for after!)

Styling without heat for dinner : take that shower to rinse out the salt/chlorine, wash, and blow dry on low and either 1) round brush/straight brush mini blowout with dryer 2) leave mid shaft to ends damp and use a texturizing spray or light mousse and scrunch the ends. Finger curling and just hand scrunching is a great way to use less heat and be very in control of your style.

AND ALWAYS use a anti-humidity seal to keep the frizz at bay!!

Peace, love, and hair, Sarah

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