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Why Amazon Hair is No Bueno

It is no secret that hair extensions are a luxury item. It’s a treat for ourselves that some of us budget for very closely throughout the year. I, myself, have given-up manicures and pedicures to afford my hair extension upkeep. I get it - we all want a deal but also to feel like our best selves.

Hair Flair is a Canadian company offering European-sourced hair that is ETHICALLY and individually sourced. All hair comes from one single willing donor and the cuticles are all in one direction. This is Remy double drawn. Crème la crème.

Besides hair supplied from companies like Amazon or certain storefronts on etc, being sometimes unethically sourced (human trafficking for hair with forced head shaving) - this hair is also not guaranteed #1) human (I’ve had yak hair in my head !!!) and #2) the cuticle is intact. Without a cuticle intact - you are getting matting and tangling BAD as soon as you wash. You may also have synthetic blended in as well which will give you a lovely look of burning plastic on your head. (0/10 for smell of that burn as well!)

I love a deal and a bargain but screwing with my extensions by trying to cheap out is not the way. Invest in yourself and this new exciting part of your beauty life. Amazon hair will last 3 months and Hair Flair could last 1-2 years. Your dollar is stretched with Hair Flair 3 fold.


feel free to email me and ask me about my hot fusion extensions I had installed that were 100% synthetic and became a massive, melted birds nest !!! Peace, love, and hair, Sarah

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