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Steps of Service / Pricing

Beautiful Results. Personalized Care.


A 15-30 minute conversation with you about your hair issues and aspirations.  We work together on finding the right solution to suit your wants, colouring, face shape, and lifestyle.



As an industry standard, we require a 50% deposit on the hair.  This ensures that we are not out of pocket ordering hair and most clients find it helpful to break up the payments into two.  Deposit required at consultation or when you're ready to order, if need be. 




Installation is included in the price and 4 bundles of 16" extensions is a typical full head. We also offer 20" and 26" nanos for those that want more length and volume.  We also offer a Wavy line in our 20".  Prices extend from there.

From $450


Prices for Microlinks are the same as our Nanolinks, with the only exception being that the lengths we offer are only 20" and 26". No wavy line is available at the moment.

From $450



Three lengths of toppers: 14", 20", and 26" and 11 colours creates a suitability for every client.  Included is a tutorial on wearing, washing and maintaining.  A cut and blend is also included.

$550 to $950


Using the safest and least painful method of installation taught through Hair Flair, we install a full head of nanolinks within 2 hours, including a cut and style!  If you would like to purchase your hair elsewhere, we charge $30/bundle to install (about $1.50/piece).  Purchases of Hair Flair hair through us includes a guarantee on the quality of hair. 

Included with PURCHASE



Maintenance for nanolinks and microlinks is required every 6-10 weeks, depending on the hair density and growth rate of the natural hair - as well as the client's care of the extensions!



Unfortunately, without proper maintenance and care, tangling and dreading can happen.  We charge on top of a service appointment to ensure the issue is treated properly and safely in a patient manner.





For a simple removal with no detangling, it should take no more than 45 minutes.  A bag to hold your extensions until your next appointment can be provided for an extra fee in the salon.  If you are removing to refresh your colour or for another reason that would have the hair be re-installed within 7 days, $25 comes off your re-installation.



If you are in need of a wash and just do not feel like doing it yourself  - leave it to us!

We ask you come to every maintenance and install appointment with clean, dry, straight hair - if you come with overly oily hair, we will have to wash at a charge to you. 

$40 - $55


Cut and Blend

We provide a complimentary extension cut and blend with every installation and maintenance appointment.  


If you are looking for a cut outside of the service appointment; we charge $30.


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